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Value of Preconstruction Services

The most crucial point in a construction project is actually preconstruction. Decisions made in this phase determine the cost, value and quality of construction phase.

Ramsons understands that preconstruction services are of the upmost importance on this project and will therefore dedicate the necessary resources required to make this project a success.

Constant Involvement

During the preconstruction phase, the project manager and project coordinator will be proactive in helping the design team make informed decisions on specific building components. The team will consider price, lead-time, speed of installation, ability to get subcontractor bids, etc. Both the Project Manager and Project Coordinator will attend every meeting and will be a constant presence in the architect’s office. The flow-chart below details a common situation; the design team has two options regarding a specification. 

On-Going Estimate

As the building program develops, the architect will naturally be face with choices regarding specifications. Both the Project Manager and Project Coordinator will be dedicated to this project so as to consistently provide real time cost information to help in the decision making process. We will not only analyze the front end cost, but the cost of the material over its life cycle. We will also analyze the schedule impact and the overall importance of the item to the design and operation of the facility. We will tightly integrate this estimating service with our value engineering services.

Square Foot Estimates

At the earliest phases of your construction project, Ramsons will meet with you and the design team and develop a profile of your building needs. We will then compare your needs with cost information from our database, as well as national and regional averages, developing a basic “cost per square foot” estimate. This estimate will be broken down into basic construction divisions and will feature both a “high-end” and “low-end” estimate.

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